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About Us

We are Chris and Tom, passionate songwriters from Italy and we compose music since 2007.

Within the last few years, we have increasingly been contacted by videographers who said that the most frustrating and time-consuming part about their work is to find suitable quality music.

Along composing non-exclusive but custom music for their projects, we have built a collection which today, we call the Royalty Free Music Suite – Top 100. Our collection does not cover any specific type of video and we are convinced that everyone will find at least multiple possible tracks to use on each respective project. Our customers appreciate having all of the files already on their hard-drive which saves valuable time.

We are currently working on a second collection and will upload our work again as a bundle as soon as we have 100 new tracks composed at which time, we will be replacing our existing collection to avoid a general overuse of our music.

We are always here to help and please feel free to contact us in case of any question, comments or feedback.

All the best with your projects,

Chris & Tom